Paraiso High School Class of 1963

Saving PHS 63 Treasure

This new web site and platform is a way to preserve the photos treasure of PHS ’63. This is a Google Sites platform. It is almost FREE.  PHS63.ORG has been recovered and will be retired.

The web Sites holds a photo treasure of past activities dating back to the first cruise in 2000. It would be great to be able to preserve as much as possible of the photos.

Since the beginning of the Web Site technology has evolved greatly and it is reflected in the Photo Gallery. As of the beginning the software and display applications have become better and more functional as well as the operating platform. To keep up with the times the Web Site was upgraded twice, from manual HTML coding web design to state of the art platforms. The change caused some loss of connectivity as some of the applications used in the beginning are no longer supported on the new platforms.

Since the pandemic curtailed practically all class activities, the web became dormant. With no new posting or events, it was not cost effective to continue hosting the web site with the current host provider. However, we did need to preserve the gold mine of photos and we have. 


Some of the photos, Scripts and miscellaneous items and features on the PHS63 web site are acquired from other sources. The PHS63 does not claim ownership of those items, respect all copyright materials and gives credits where credit is due.

The Web Site was commission by both the US Chapter and the Panama Chapter in March 2001.