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"61 Years ... An intimate gathering of former classmates and friends"

Keeping the Memories

George Kirton, Eric Cumberbatch and Clay Jemmott felt that  it was time to get together and have lunch on June 6, 2023 at the Red Lobster in Green Acre, Long Island, NY.


During the time we were having lunch, we reminisce on the good time we use to have with a much larger group.   The waitress was very nice and attentive - we witness to her about believing in God and accepting God as her Savior.


“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

PHS '63 Condolence Section


The PHS Class '63, Extends our most sincere sympathy and condolences to classmate Clayton Jemmott

on the passing of his brother

Benjamin Jemmott Sr.

May 24,  2024

May The Lord provide the strength for family and friends to cope with the loss of such a loved one.

May his soul rest in peace


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Caring set of graduates

Loyal and devoted classmates

Always spending time together

Savoring a friendship that seems forever

Sharing memories of good old days

Outburst of laughter while games they play

Friendship like these are seldom seen

(only in the class of)


Alma Mater

Con voces llenas de sentimiento

 te cantamos la despedida

 pero en nuestros pensamientos

 siempre sera alma mater querida



Por tus puertas hoy pasamos

 tal vez para no volver

 pero a ti las gracias damos

 por cumplir con tu deber



Orgullosa ha de estar

 de tus hijos que se van

 pues a ti te han de mostrar

 que la glora alcanzaran



Con voces llenas de sentimiento

 te cantamos la despedida

 pero en nuestros pensamientos

 siempre seras alma mater querida



Alma mater ... Alma mater ... Alma mater adios